All artwork is hand painted or hand drawn, I do not use lasers or any other mechanical or digital means to produce my artwork.

"Sampler of Early Lace Edgings"   border is really black in color measures 11x14 
Top right Brussels 1755-75
Middle top: Milanese abt. 1650-75
Top left: Bobbin, North Italian or Flemish 1660-1610
Middle left: Venetian Rose Point 1660-90
Middle Right: Baroque Style Point de France 1700-35
Bottom left:Brussels typical Rococo Style 1745-60
Bottom middle North Italian 1680-1700
Bottom right: North Italian last quarter of 1500's
Text:Antique Lace:Identifying Types and Techniques by Heather Toomer and Cynthia Voysey,Schiffer Publishing

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Painting measures 16x20 inches     Copyright Permission by:

Text from: History of Lace by Mrs. Bury Palliser  Dover Publishers

POINT de FRANCE-Bobbin Lace  Seventeeth Century  with portraits of King Louis XIV and Marie Therese.

Mrs. Palliser gives this illustration in her last edition; in her former ones, that of Flemish Lace.  The lace has lately come into the possession of Mr. Arthur Blackborne.  It appears to be Flemish work made for the French Queen.

Text from: History of Lace by Mrs. Bury Palliser  Dover Publishers Copyright Permission
Size: 16x20
Sir Alexander Gibson, Baronet of Pentland
Lord Durie, Lord of Session he died in 1644 A.D.

Background is bright medium blue with rich white lace on black cap  and rich white collar.

Text from book mentioned above states:
Close fitting velvet cap, enriched with lace, appears in the seventeenth century to have been adopted by the lawyers of the Scotch courts.

Isabella Clara Eugenia, Daughter of Philip II., Archduchess of Austria, Governess of The Netherlands.--Died 1633.  The grand-daughter of Charles V., the Infanta Isabella, who brought the Low Countries as her dower, appears in portraits most resplendent in lace, and her ruff rivals in size those of our Queen Elizabeth, or Reine Margot.She was soverign of Spanish Netherlands in the Low Countries and the North of modern France with her husband Albert.
By birth Infanta of Spain and Portugal

Her folks: Phillip of Spain and his 3rd. wife Elizabeth of Valois

Maternal Grandparents: Henry II of France and Catherine de Medici Copyright Permission: Dover Publishing Text: Mrs. Bury Palliser The History of Lace

Text: Mrs. Bury Palliser History of Lace,Dover Publishers along with my own interpretation.

Size 16x20. 
Anne of Austria

22 September 1601-20 January 1666 was Queen consort of France and Navarre and regent for her son, Louis XIV of France.  Her reign was 1643-1651.

Nor was the Queen Regent herself less profuse in her indulgence in lace.  She is represented in her portaits with a berthe of rich point, her beautiful hand encircled by a double-scalloped cuff.
Copyright Permission:
Text: Mrs. Bury Palliser History of Lace.  Dover Publishing and also Wikipedia for the dates given.

Size: 16x20
Cap of the Emperor Charles V who was King of Spain 1519/24-1558.
This cap was worn underneath his crown.  This cap long preserved in the treasury of the bishop-princes of Basle, has now passed into the    Musee’ de Cluny.  It is of fine linen; the imperial arms are embroidered in relief, alternate with designs in lacis of exquisite workmanship. Copyright Permission:
Text: Mrs. Bury Palliser History of Lace, Dover Publishing
Text: from Internet website: The Costumer’s Manifesto-COSTUME.ORG states that the cap is of Flemish lace.
Size: 16x20  background color is medium gray.

My own interpretation of  "Age of Innocence" by Sir Joshua Reynolds 1723-1792
size is 16 x 20  The original painting hangs in the Tate Museum in London.
Copyright Permission given by Tate Museum in London.

My own interpretation of Vermeer's best loved painting! My size measures 16 x 20.   "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by  Johannes Vermeer ca. 1665 original 44.5x39 cms. Thought to be a servant girl whose name is unknown.
Copyright permission given by:
Mauritshuis: The Hague in the Netherlands

My own interpretation of "Anne of Cleves" by Hans Holbein the Younger  in 1539
Sad love story of 4th. wife of Henry VIII includes annulment.  After there marriage was annuled Anne of Cleves became known as his sister out of respect not because they were related. For more info: & Wikipedia
Copyright Permission and Text is from Bridgeman Art Library  size 16x20
My own interpretaion of "Self-Portrait of Durer" by Albrecht Durer in 1498 as a present for his fiance' holding a sprig of hyssop symbol of fertility.  Durer is famous for his "Praying Hands" sculpture.
Copyright Permission and Text: Bridgeman Art Library size: 16x20
My own interpretation of "Young Girl Reading" by Jean Honore' Fragonard in 1776
Copyright Permission and Text: Bridgeman Art Library   size 16x20
My own interpretation of "Women from Galicia at the Window" by
Bartolome' Estaban Murillo in 1670
Copyright Permission and Text: Bridgeman Art Library                      My size 16x20
Note: I have also seen this elsewhere titled "A Girl and her Duenna"
My own interpretation of "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503-6
The real History of the painting of Mona Lisa a Vinci ca. 1502-3 : she was Never Leonardo’s mistress:

This is according to
International Masters Publishers

Mona Lisa whose name was Lisa Gherardini, Mona was the shortened name for Lady.  She was married to a silk merchant Franscesco del Giocondo from Florentine a friend of Leonardo’s father.  A was the practice until the nineteenth century paintings were generally commissioned by wealthy patrons.

Mr. Giocondo commissioned a painting  to be done by Leonardo of his wife to celebrate the successful birth of their third child.  3D image showed her hair was originally tied back in a bun but as Leonardo chose to have hair falling loosely on her shoulders which used to be a sign of “easy virtue” hence the husband did not buy his work as he must have been duly insulted. She is in mourning clothes maybe to depict previous trouble with pregnancies. 

Copyright Permission and Text: Bridgeman Art Library  size: 24x36
My own detailed interpretation of"Portrait of a Lady with an Ostrich-Feather Fan" ca. 1658/1660 by Rembrandt van Rijn.
My size 16x20.  
"Honeysuckle Sprig of Modern Honiton" background is really sage green, measures16x20   

Captain Marryat took much pains in procuring lacemakers new patterns such as insects, flowers and other elements of nature when he resided in Sidmouth England.  In accordance with this venture, some of the men proposed that an exhibition be held at Clifton of Honiton Lace at the Annual Agricultural Show ca. 1867  Prizes were to awarded of 100L.  The exhibiton being most successful.  Queen Victoria expressed her desire for the articles in the exhibit to be sent to Windsor where she herself would inspect them.  This painting is a copy of the design made by Miss Celcelia Marryat having been previously approved by Her Majesty and the lace made by Mrs. Hayman of Sidmouth."Text:History of Lace by Mrs. Bury Palliser, Dover Publishing.
"Floral Vignette" 16x20

"Provence" 16x20

"Study of Red Roses"
Dutch Treat"

This is to show fruit. May I do a fruit picture for you of your favorites?  Below is in the style of Welsh Pontypool accompanied by metallic paint.
Or perhaps you like paintings done in style of the old Impressionists.

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Private Collection...I can sketch your portrait from a photo onto a 16x20 for $1,250.00  US Dollars
Private Collection...I can sketch your portrait from a photo onto a 16x20 for $1,250.00  US Dollars
Fantasy Rose...painted in the style of Georgia O'Keefe's.  16x20
Garden Floral  16x20  Notice the cranberry vase!
Copyright Permission given by:
Heather Toomer, Cynthia Voysey and Schiffer Publishing
Antique Lace: Identifying Types and Techniques 16x20 giclee  only