My love for Fine Arts goes back to my childhood.  Both of my parents were very     creative.  My parents were inventors as well as my Mom being an artist.  She could have well been a curator of a museum.  She has been asked by two big universities to date their clothes in their collections as she knew more than the professors did. 
        My Mother felt everyone should know on the great master's from  the past to the present.  Michaelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci, Raphael, Rembrandt, Ver Meer, Van Gogh, to Eric Sloan with his pastorals to Fortuny with his magnificent  brilliant colors and pleating and dress designs.  Frank Lloyd Wright with his architecture, Faberge' with his eggs,lamps and vases, Nuttig and Wooten in furniture,  Paul Revere with his silversmithing to the fabulous laces from Europe where the economy of countries lay in jeopardy.  Knowing of the history of lace being smuggled in coffins and deceased dogs insides to ripped out to be replaced withrolled up  laces and sewn up smuggled from one country to another.  Mother collected laces and  linens.  We both always marveled at the workmanship and designs combined with the time involved by the lace makers.  During this time it was when I literally fell in love with laces.  I learned to restore as well as conserve the laces as well as knitting lace.  I can paint anything as I learned at my Mother's side, but painting historic laces are my specialty.  To me I find it the most challenging, so I followed my heart. I love the attention of detail and accuracy which shows in all my work.  Curators  of many accredited museums have told me they are in awe of my work and admire it finding it both spectacular and impressive.  They have told me that even the public can't believe it isn't really a lace textile.

        It is my plan to have someday my own gallery and museum and to become internationally known.  I want to continue both with exhibitions at museums  and galleries  and to sell my work as well to lace lovers the world over.  Hopefully "historic Lace Paintings" will also be recognized not only as a textile but as a real art in itself.  Lace maker's creations are no less art than  regular fine art paintings they are just worked in threads and metals.instead of using paints.  My art is a tribute to lace maker's around the world  from past to the future.

        Her Majesty (Queen Elizabeth II) has written me via her Lady-in-Waiting twice as to her interest on my art as well as wishing me  great success on my exhibit.

I thank  the Lord for the talent HE has given me to share with others.

BE SURE TO WATCH FOR: solo exibit for three months this fall of 2012 at:

Lacis Museum
Berkeley, Ca.