WHAT IS A GOOD INVESTMENT IN ART? How can you be sure?.....

According to Michael Schwartz, CEO and Owner of Galerie Michael located in Beverly Hills,
Los Angles, Ca.

This is from his video on his website...Mr.  Schwartz says in essence:

...that you want to invest in art that is relevant and that will be a continunum  that even three, four or five centuries from now  it will be deemed important because it was significant and groundbreaking and historic all part of the evolution of art of our age....

ALL HISTORIC LACE PAINTINGS are authenicated as historical and prior copyright permission has been given. Any and All HISTORICAL PORTRAITURE AND FIGURATIVE ART shall first have copyright permission if needed to proceed with painting unless already on this website.

All of my own interpretation's of the Old Master's work has been previously authorized by the museum or website that holds the text from which I painted from.


                                                       Terms of Service:

As all of my paintings are done by hand and eye and without the use of any artificial means such as lasers, computer generated software, etc. I do not refund any amount of the purchase price. My paintings are done through the eyes of an artist. Others may see something different but this is what you are paying me for.

Giclee’ Prints:
Giclee’ Prints are available for some of my artwork and are priced individually according to size and subject matter.

All Historical and Copyrighted Paintings:
Any and all historical and copyrighted paintings shall be painted as an original for the buyer as all of these paintings shall be for not only aesthetic value but for investment purposes. In so doing an “original” for the buyer, even though each one done by hand and eye will never be 100% a duplicate of other works based on being human.

I am a repeated Member of Marquis Who’s Who.
Who’s Who in America
Who’s Who in American Art
Who’s Who in the World
A 2017 Inductee for the Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.
A feature listing me as an Industry Expert in the field of Fine Art by Marquis, 2017.

I ask that that one half be paid to me in advance and the balance to be paid to me upon completion. My artwork will not be sent until I have confirmation from my bank after 14 business days saying your check has cleared. Should you not be able to pay the balance on any artwork whether Giclee’ Prints or Historical and Copyrighted Paintings when completed the down payment shall be kept along with the artwork by the artist and owner of Fine Art with the Master’s Touch to do with however I deem. In addition to the purchase price of the artwork, sales tax , insurance and shipping shall be added. You will be given a total price when the contract is signed by both parties and dated. You will receive a copy of the contract for your own records.

How long does it normally take to have a painting made:

Normally, it will take 2-3 months. Should it take less time or more time you shall be notified.

How will my artwork come to me:

All artwork comes on acid-free museum quality art canvas using acrylic paint and unframed as it will be up to the owner as to what framing and or matting he or she would desire to benefit their individual business or home décor. The artwork shall be shipped however the customer shall choose to have it delivered whether USPS, Fed Ex or UPS.

Other artwork offered includes Landscapes, Still life, Corporate Portraiture, Family Heirloom Portraiture, Fruit, Natural Florals (copyright permission from Rose Hybridizers, nurseries, nursery catalogs).

                                                                                                                                                        ALL PAINTINGS ARE DONE IN ACRYLIC WHICH IS BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT and they come UNFRAMED. Acrylic paintings is better than oil paintings as the linseed oil in time will crack the oil paint.


 I welcome any commisions, ideas considered.  
                                                                                                                                                         Any and all comments or inquiries are welcome.


A Spanish woman's mantilla is held sacred by law, and cannot be seized for debt!

The Venetian Senate, according to Charles Yriarte, regarded this emmigration of workers to France as a crime against the State, and issued the following decree:--

"If any artist or handicraftsman practises his art in any foreign land to the detriment of the Republic, orders to return will be sent to him; if he disobeys them, his nearest of kin will be put into  prison, in order that through his interest in their welfare his obedience may be compelled.  If he comes back, his past offence will be condoned, and employment for him will be found in Venice; but if, notwithstanding the imprisonment of his nearest kin, he obstinately decides to continue living abroad, an emissary will be commissioned to kill him, and his next of kin will only be liberated upon his death."

Both  Fact References:  Mrs. Bury Palliser HISTORY OF LACE Dover Publishing